Materials Guarantee

Solid fabrics

PVC tarpaulin fabric, Ripstop canvas - 4 years against cracking, base cloth splitting.

Imported Acrylic Canvases and imported Sunscreen fabrics - 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on hardening, fading, cracking.

(Pls note canvas blinds seams are stitched together and are not 100% waterproof like PVC)
Clear Vinyl:

Chinese clear vinyl 400, 500, 700 and 800 micron - 1 years against hardening and cracking.

Achilles Marine grade clear vinyl - 4-year guarantee against hardening and cracking.

On our rope and pulley blinds, no blind under 1.2m in length will get rope on it. It will be hand roll up. Any blind under 1.2m will not roll up effectively and will need hand assistance.

Pls note all clear vinyl does not hang like glass, no two windows will look the same, some may have more waves in than the next depending on many factors. Once blinds are hanging down for a while with exposure from the sun they will flatten out more.


Zipper guarantee

2-year guarantee on patented matrix zip tension system (Canvas or PVC rope blinds with windows only). Should windows shrink and pull in, the Velcro must be adjusted to release the tension on zip.


Matrix will cover the full cost of replacement and labour, only if:

  • Client adjusted velcro on side of zipping to a maximum level when window shrinkage occurs.
  • Zips were treated with silicone spray at least three times a year.
    Guarantee does not cover zips that are used in commercial applications (12 months only)

Motor guarantee

12-month guarantee on motors and remotes. Excludes damage from lightning and misuse.

12-month guarantee on motor limit settings should motor have to be reset a nominal call out charge of R500.00 will be charged.

Crank handles

1 x crank handle supplied per job, if there are 5 plus blind, 2 x handles supplied. It is advisable to take off handles and store away once blind is operated.

Workmanship guarantee

12-month guarantee on any fixings or components on blinds loosening or breaking.

12 month guarantee on any parts that are subject to wear and tear i.e Pulleys, rope , gearbox, crank handles , standard zippers, excludes damages to parts or fabrics caused by structural issue.

Excludes damage due to severe weather conditions, sabotage, misuse by the owner or structural deterioration of the building.


Should the claim be made on a material guarantee, Matrix Outdoor Blinds will cover the cost of the new material, the labour to make up and install will be for the account of the client.

NB: All repairs undertaken by Matrix Lifestyles under or out of guarantee, carry a 2-3 week lead time once awning is removed. This is the same lead time as normal new installations.

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